Beyonce’s 7/11 another Incredible ‘selfie’ music video

Beyonce’s trappy “7/11,” one of two extra tracks to release early today off her promising new box set reissue of her self-titled collection, was unrealistic to persist as one of the more adored tracks in the Queen’s oeuvre — fun enough, yet sort of slight and nebulous, and doubtlessly ailing in snares by Bey measures. In any case, now “7/11” has a feature, and the cut alone may be sufficient to keep the melody as a key piece of the Biography.

That isn’t a critique. The feature is delightfully low-idea: Bey and her reinforcement dance specialists nail some detached, spastic, jeans free choreography in august venues like the restroom, overhang, and lodging passage. Gymnastic cartwheels and synchronized twerks proliferate, however Beyonce infuses a few dorkiness into her “woke up like this” picture at one point she dials her foot like a telephone and shouts into it, at an alternate she energetically scales a human pyramid in night wear. On the off chance that is insufficient, look for the inspiring Easter eggs, which incorporate a brisk flash of Blue on a quaint little inn initially recorded footage of Jay Z doing a somersault.

Beyonce's new video



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