Wendy Williams ‘Proud’ of Aaliyah Movie

Wendy Williams isn’t allowing the haters get her down. As the official maker of Lifetime’s questionable Aaliyah biopic, which debuted on Nov. 15 to much abhor from fans and companions of the late vocalist, Williams has been immersed with feedback lately. Anyhow she remains by the made-for-TV film.

Wendy proud's on her movie

Williams said in an interview, “As a black woman, I was proud to show that Aaliyah came from a two-parent family, which many of us don’t.”

The issue, she says, is that Aaliyah stays cherished by a lot of people. “I think when you do a movie about people’s favorite, whoever that favorite is, people are always going to have some criticism. You really can’t win for losing, kind of sort of.”

Williams brings up that performer Angela Bassett, who is coordinating a Lifetime film on Whitney Houston, has confronted comparative feedback.


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